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What Is Fly The Flag Service?

This is Troop 153’s primary fundraiser.  
When you sign up for this program, you will be provided with a quality American flag to be displayed in your front yard during five holidays throughout the year. This is the first year for Troop 153 to serve our community with Flag the Flag Program. As far as we know, it is part of the largest flag program in the Tulsa metropolitan area!  We do this as a service to our community and are excited to be able to participate in this contactless program during the ongoing pandemic.

Our scouts have shown great resilience during this pandemic season and have continued to move forward by meeting virtually and in the outdoors with precaution to maintain safety. That being said, Troop 153 had to cancel opportunities during the last year to keep safe and adhere to government protocols resulting in lost fundraising opportunities. We are proud of the way our Scouts have adapted and are eager to build community spirit with this program. It is as important as ever to demonstrate the unity and the support for our leaders and the love of our country. What better way to do that than to participate with all your neighbors in this great program!


Neighborhoods Served:


Troop 153 is currently only serving a limited number of midtown neighborhoods in the Tulsa area. 

  • Florence Park Neighborhood

  • Neighborhoods within the border of 21st street (North) and 31st (South), and Peoria on the West and Lewis on the East.

If you would like to participate in the Fly the Flag Program but do not live in the areas listed above, please contact Troop 153 before registering for this service. Troop 153 is an extension of the program offered by local Troop 26 and they can direct you to their Scouts that may serve your area.

How the service works:


After you sign up for the Troop 153 Flag the Flag Program, a team from Troop 153 will bury a flag sleeve in your yard. The sleeve is 15 inches long and is made of PVC pipe.  It will be placed adjacent to your street curb and  be low enough that it will not be hit by lawn mowers.

Flags will be placed for each of the following 5 holidays throughout the year:

Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Patriots' Day, and Veterans' Day.

The specifics of the Flags are as follows:

  • Flags are 3’ x 5’ Nylon All Weather Flags on a 10' galvanized metal pole

  • A PVC sleeve is installed in the ground

  • Scouts raises flags in Class A uniform with honor and dignity

A team from Troop 153, which will include two or more scouts and two adults, will place the flags before the holiday and will retrieve the flags after the holiday.  Flags can be placed up to 3 days in advance of the holiday and retrieved up to 3 days after the holiday.

As an extension of the Troop 26 Fly the Flag Program, our goal is to enable a greater number of citizens in the Tulsa Metropolitan area to be able to participate in this service and fundraiser. We can accomplish more when we work together!

The first flag holiday is Memorial Day. We plan to have flags out sometime over the weekend before Memorial Day and will pick them up a few days after Memorial Day (sometimes as late as Saturday).

Our Scouts build the flags. We procure the flag supplies from local businesses right here in the Tulsa area. Our goal is to make 100+ new flag sets to distribute to our crews.

If you choose to sign up now, you are guaranteeing that you will have a flag placed in your yard before the Memorial Day holiday. We will sell service until all available flags are sold. This does mean that there is a risk that we will run out of flags and may not be able to take additional signups for the first holiday that we are able to place flags, but we should be able to meet the demand for second holiday. We have an amazing team that works very hard to serve everyone interested in participating in this program.

Sign Up:

Troop 153 uses PayPal to securely process all online payments for the Troop 153 Fly the Flag Program. Register for the Troop 153 Fly the Flag Program here.

The Flag Service Schedule for 2024 is as Follows:

· Memorial Day – Monday, May 27th

· Flag Day – Friday, June 14th

· Independence Day – Thursday, July 4th

· Patriot’s Day – Wednesday, September 11th

· Veteran’s Day – Monday, November 11th

Flag Etiquette and Care 

Our flags are weather resistant and can fly in inclement weather. Please put the flag on your porch each night and replace in the morning (or you can shine a light on your flag to fly at night). The flag should fly “rain or shine” on the day of the scheduled pick up.


This year’s cost to participate in the Troop 153 Fly the Flag program $60.00 for all five flag holidays.

Service Renewal

Customers renewing service who mail the application and check or pay on-line by May 15th of the renewal year may deduct $10.00 for a total of $50.00. (New subscribers are charged the full price of $60.00 to cover the cost of installing a sleeve flag holder in addition to providing a flag). Annual subscriptions rates will not be prorated for customers who sign up after flag holidays have passed. When ordering the flag service, we must have your payment no later than seven days prior to the scheduled delivery date to ensure that we can deliver on time. The flags will be delivered and picked up by Troop 153 Boy Scouts.

If you have further questions, please email: You can pay with a credit card or download and mail the application with a check.

After you submit your information and residence's address, you'll be taken to PayPal's secure checkout.

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