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Leadership Training

We believe that our Troop should be Scout Led. This means we teach our scouts what it means to be a leader and how to take charge in any situation.
Pine Tree
Pine tree is a four day course to where boys from different troops are thrown -not literally- into completely new patrols with completely new people. Each boy in the new patrols act as patrol leader whilst there are classes each day. There are also activities that the entire group of scouts participates in. Once the ordeal is over, the scouts will feel envigorated with a sense of accomplishment. 
Also known as National Youth Leadership Training, NYLT is the "second bar up" in the "three step climb."
NYLT is built to prepare scouts for the rough journey ahead. Here, leadership training worked on in Pine Tree is worked on here, and these skills will transfer to the final experience, NAYLE.

Also known as the National Advanced Youth Leadership Training Experience, NAYLE is the best of the best when it comes to leadership training. This is the most elite, no funny business, hard working training area for the Boy Scout community. With skills learned from both Pine Tree, as well as NYLT, NAYLE will still be a challenge for the scouts and once finished they will have a sense of reward. 



"Boy Scouts with Troop 153 has taught me how to be confident and how to be prepared for anything that will come my way down the road. All three of these leadership courses have taught me teamwork and how to take charge, which I can use in my school, troop, and my future profession."

Braden Milford, Eagle Scout

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